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  • Reading books. Playing with his toy cars & tools. Being outside. Dancing. Watching Spongebob & The Flintstones. Eating (Anything!). His Nana & Aunt Kim. His Mommy & Daddy. Smiling & Flirting.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

My first hospital stay

My visit lasted from October 16 thru October 21..spending the first few hours at kershaw county medical center and then moving to palmetto children's hospital where I spent most of that time in baby intensive care. It all started Friday night around 7 pm..i was breathing funny & burning up and daddy checked my temperature and it was 102.6. My granny called the er & then mommy & daddy took me there. I was completely pale and very ill. They gave my oxygen and I hated it. They put a catheter in and took lots of blood. They planned to take liquid out of my spinal cavity, but they said I looked so bad that they'd prefer me go to another hospital, so me & mommy got to ride in the ambulance together & I slept the whole time while mommy was worried sick. Once I got to Richland they put me in my room, took more blood, got me settled, & then brought mommy and daddy in to see me. Then they kicked mommy and daddy out and took the liquid out of my spine. They said it wasn't the flu, but could've been the n1h1 virus. By Monday my fever stayed down enough to move to a regular room and come Wednesday they let me go home. I hope I never have to go thru that again.
I had alot of gifts & visitors too! My visitors were mommy & daddy of course! Also their was my Nana, aunt Kim, Nora, Steve, my papa, granny, grandpa, grandma, great grandmama, & great grandaddy. My gifts were a handmade blanket & stuffed puppy from the group child life at the richland hospital. My great aunt Nora got me this cute talking froggy. My Nana & aunt Kim got me a get well soon card & a you are my sunshine bear. And My grandpa & grandma got me a blue stuffed giraffe.

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My name is Nathan David Brazell. I was born on August 29, 2009 at 3:36 in the morning. I weighed 7 pounds and 11.3 ounces & was 20 inches long. I live with my mommy and daddy in Cassatt, s.c. I am a very spoiled little boy, but my mommy just saids I simply know what I want!! I love watching ceiling fans & anything that makes noises or has bright colors on it. I have a huge, wonderful family who simply adore me & spoil me rotten every chance they get. This life of babyhood certainly treats me very well. <3


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I'm 21. Married to Jason since 9-16-06, love being a wife and 1st time mommy.