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  • Reading books. Playing with his toy cars & tools. Being outside. Dancing. Watching Spongebob & The Flintstones. Eating (Anything!). His Nana & Aunt Kim. His Mommy & Daddy. Smiling & Flirting.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Rollie Pollie

I've missed some time, but here I am! I have my 2nd cold and 1st ear infection and mommy and daddy are sick too. They are miserable, but I'm still Mr. Happy pants! I'm learning to crawl but until then I can roll anywhere I wanta go! I can finally sit up without much support and I'm learning to eat real foods. I love Cheetos and cereal puffs and sucking on rib bones at Nanas'! I'm already 8 months old and Mommy's thinking up 1st birthday party themes and I hope she picks spongebob because I love that show!! I've also had my 1st zoo trip, carnival trip, and been to my 1st rodeo and loved it all. I spent my 1st night at my aunt Brandy and uncle Bryans too and had lots of fun playing with my cousins Caroline and Ashton. I love going to Nanas every other weekend (Mommy & Daddy enjoy the break too!). We go shopping and swing outside and I get to play with aunt Molly, Nanas' toy poodle. I just love pulling her fuzzy hair! Nana really helps my parents out alot. Along with the rest of our big family. I'm spoiled rotten and truly blessed in Life!!

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