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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Growing up too fast..

I'm about to be 6 months old already!! I'm a little over 18 lbs. & getting so long & chubby! I'm trying to roll over & babble to carry on a conversation. I've learned how to spit & I do it all the time to my mommy & daddy! My hair is finally starting to grow back, so no one can call me bald anymore. I love playing in my exersaucer & horsey jumperoo & with my play cell phone that mommy & daddy bought me, even though I'd rather chew on a real one! I now wear a size 3 diaper & eat baby food, I love everything sweet & Mommy calls me a little piggy! I love playing with my feet & I try to put them in my mouth to! I'm still working on getting my first tooth & lately my mouth's bothering me alot & it's hard for me or my parents to get much sleep. I just got two huge bags of new clothes and Mommy's looking for a bigger car seat because I'm trying to sit up in mine. Mommy doesn't understand that all I wanta do is see the world!!

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