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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Life in the fast lane

It's almost time for my 1st birthday! Mommy has no clue where she's gonna put all my presents! I'm having two parties so I'm sure It'll be a blast. I already have two teeth & it looks like 3 more are coming soon. I say "dada" all the time & "mommy" mainly when I want food or I'm super sleepy. I love to dance & I'll dance to everything musical. Even comericals and Mommy's phone ringing. I love to go swimming at Nanas' & to ride around outside in my little red car. Lately I'm making it difficult at bedtime. But I just like to play & scream when I don't get my way! I'm still eating any & everything I can get and I love it all. I love to hear mommy read to me & then I act like I'm reading to her. I love having my hair brushed & trying to brush daddy's' hair. I love bath time. I get to sit in the water & play with all my water toys while I get clean. Sometimes I even hate to get out, but then mommy puts lotion on me & rubs my piggies & brushes my hair & then I'm alright again. Mommy's almost finished with my scrapbook for my 1st year of life & it's full of pictures of me & my wonderful family. Sometimes she even lets me look at it & help her put pages together. I sure do love my family!!

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