Nathans Favorite Things...

  • Reading books. Playing with his toy cars & tools. Being outside. Dancing. Watching Spongebob & The Flintstones. Eating (Anything!). His Nana & Aunt Kim. His Mommy & Daddy. Smiling & Flirting.

Friday, November 27, 2009

My 1st Turkey Day!

I had a great first Thanksgiving! I woke up in the bed with Mommy & Daddy and we snuggled together for a while & they told me how thankful they were to have me in their lives. Then I took a power nap while Mommy & Daddy got ready. Then we went to Memas' & had Thanksgiving dinner & they even let me try some banana pudding, which I loved! I got to see my whole family & my baby cousin Landon, he's only 3 months older then me so we get to grow up together. Then Mommy made me take lots & lots of pictures, which got tried of very quickly! And Mommy saids the best part of it all was that I slept all night long!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Baby Santa gives good kisses

Today I learned a new trick! Now when my daddy tells me to give him kisses I open my cute little mouth & kiss my daddy back! But for some reason I only do it for my daddy & I'm turning into a big time daddy's' boy & making mommy jealous! I love watching football while laying on daddy's' chest & at night when daddy hands me to mommy & saids night, night I pitch a fit until mommy calms me down. Today we also took some family Christmas pictures & mommy & daddy even bought me a Santa suit! I hated my Santa hat, but mommy said I had to wear it & mommy loves the pictures my aunt Kim took of our adorable little family. Not to mention aunt Kim got to be in a few too..she's a camera hog as mommy saids, but we still love her!! Friday night mommy & daddy bought my Christmas gifts & I got to stay the night at paw paw & grandmas'..they told mommy I had loads of fun & I slept really well. And Saturday morning they even took me shopping. I got two new outfits & three pairs of socks & when they brought me home I was pooped. Monday night mommy goes back to work, and she's really dreading it majorly! Luckily she'll only be working 15-20 hours a week & we have a handful of people who will watch me, but mommy doesn't think she'll make it thru her first week without crying! I can't blame her, she's had 2 1/2 months to spoil me around the clock & she's afraid to miss a single tender moment with her adorable, favorite baby boy! My daddy has two jobs now. He works at my pawpaw's' tire shop as a mechanic & is now the head wrestling coach of north central middle school. It's a dream job for him. And he's hoping that next school season he can move up to varsity wrestling at north central high school, since the coach is leaving the school & he's highly recommended. Then mommy can say bye-bye to rite aid & spoil me 24/7 which is what she's praying for! I also recently started my baby cereal & I love it! Well I've had alot of things to tell, but now mommy's gotta spoil me some more!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Playing with Mommy & Daddy

I have a new toy! It's a ring with 3 little monkeys on it. I am learning how to hold it in my hand & when it makes a noise it simply amazes me. It makes me laugh too! I'm also getting good at playing on m tummy. I lay on my tummy & kick my little feet like I wanta go somewhere! Mommy & Daddy are very proud of me.

My day with Mommy & Nana

Today my Nana came to spend some time with me! And Daddy didn't know it, but Mommy & Nana put our Christmas tree up. It's white with multi-colored lights & it simply amazes me!! My Nana kept waking me up so I'd sleep at night time for Mommy, but I hate being woke up, so I had a major fit. Mommy & Nana just thought it was funny because I got so mad that I started snorting like a little piggy!! Mommy also got a special package from ups was a huge blanket with a picture of me on it. Mommy almost cried when she first saw it! I was really sad to see my Nana leave, but Friday night I get to spend the night at her house..I love my Nana very much!!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My 1st Halloween 2009

I was a cute little monkey! I went to Aunt Brandy's', Grandpas', Mommy's' work, Grandmama & granddaddy's', Memas & Grandpas', & then Carrisa & Brandons' for my 1st Halloween party. I got to play with my cousin Landon, whose only 2 months older than me. We kept kicking & touching each other! I slept alot, but I also had a great time!

Important People In My Life

My Nana

My Nana's name is Iris and I love her very much! She calls me "fuzzy wuzzy!" She gets me when she has time off from her two jobs so that Mommy & Daddy can have a little break. She helps my Mommy to make sure I have everything I need & she's always here when I need her.

My Aunt Kim

Aunt Kim is so funny! She loves me and spoils me to pieces. She also takes a million pictures of me, but I suppose one day I'll get used to it!

Other Family Members That I Love

My Granny & Papa: They spoil me to pieces!

Grandpa & Grandma Knight: They buy me presents & Grandpa always makes me mad by playing with my nose!

Mema & Grandpa: They are simply wonderful!

Aunt Brandy, Uncle Bryan, Will, Caroline, & Ashton: They always spend time with me & I think the world of my uncle Bryan.

Everyone Else: They give me ALL the love in the world.

My 1st two months of life

from august 29, 2009 until November 30, 2009
-suffered from jaundice, but it cleared up in about 2 weeks.
- September 7th I went to Memas' for my 1st cookout.
- September 9th My mommy read my 1st book to me & I loved it!!
- September 15th @ 9:54 pm my umbilical cord fell off onto my Mommy while she was walking me down the hallway & Mommy screamed!!
- After my umbilical cord fell off I had my 1st bath & I loved it!!
- On September 17th I wore my 1st pair of shoes, but my Mommy & Daddy have come to realize that I hate having anything on my feet or anyone touching my feet!

Mommy & Daddy are simply amazed at how in 2 short months I've developed such a unique personality. I always know exactly what I want and I make sure everyone else knows it too!!

My 1st dose of mulitple shots

I had my 2 month check up on Friday October 30th with Dr. Sellers. I love flirting with her! I now weigh 11 pounds and 8 ounces. I'm getting so big! My head is 15 3/4 ins. & my chest is 15 1/4 ins. I also had some yummy liquid medicine and 2 shots. The shots protect me from polio, pneumococcal disease, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, rotavirus, and hib. I only cried for a minute or two, but daddy, whose afraid of needles, had to turn his head & mommy got weak to her stomach. I slept the whole ride home & then when we got there aunt Brandy got me & took me in my house & fed me. Mommy gave me Tylenol for my pain in both my legs & then my daddy left for work. Mommy goes back in two more weeks & she's not looking forward to it at all! I was ill for a day or so & all I wanted was my daddy. I go back to my doctor when I turn 4 months old & I'll have to have the same shots again, Mommy hopes I do better then.


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